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Nick Pateras | About the Site

2 January 2016

In recent years I have grown to harbour a malignant discontent towards the relationship I hold with my environment. This ennui stems from what I perceive as a grotesque imbalance in the ratio between intake (of news, ideas, experiences) and expression (of thoughts, reflections, questions).

Amidst the backdrop of 21st century punditocracy, my unwavering inquisitiveness tends to resemble a mental merry-go-round that is not only never-ending, but spins dizzyingly faster by the day. On occasion, a restorative form of recourse presents itself at those rare moments wherein I can engross myself in research for a full day, or alternatively converse at length with others on topics of common interest. 

This perennial feeding of the brain does titillate in its own way but in absence of an outlet permitting more than 140 characters, I am still too often left with an unsettling indigestion that most of my thoughts reside solely inside my own skull.

For reasons of lethargy and (mis)prioritization, I have not afforded those thoughts a secondary home where they can be judged and scrutinized by others, until now.


This is a canvas for my mind. I hope you enjoy.