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Nick Pateras | Music

Puppeteer to my feet

Nick Pateras

It's been some time since a track took over my bodily movements as this one does. This beat completely reinvigorated my adoration for unique house music. 

The Jaar Genius

Nick Pateras

I've recently rediscovered the magic of Nicolas Jaar, whose experimental and minimalist genre of deep house befits many moods. This live set is a showcase of his diversity and progressivism in subtly tickling your ears.

Genre Glitch Funk

Nick Pateras

Unapologetically loud and vibrant, these tracks fuse the call of woodwind instruments, typically in the form of a rousing saxophone,  with danceable pop soul and an ever-present bass.

I've used this music as morning coffee before - if you're a fan, look up more works by GRiZ.

A cocktail of grooviness

Nick Pateras

I first heard the irresistible sounds of Poldoore as I sat at a beach restaurant on the picturesque Brazilian island of Ilha Grande, my table wedged into the sand such that the tide practically tickled my feet as it drew closer, as if it too was magnetized to the eclectic mix of soul, jazz and instrumental hip-hop.

I immediately inquired about the music's creator and have since been listening incessantly. Here are two of my favourites: